frequently asked questions


Where can I buy Sanijura furniture close to my home?

Under the “stores” section, enter your postal code and select the partner closest to you.


What colours are available for each range?

In each product fact sheet, the range’s colour chart is provided for each type of material.


How do I clean my Sanijura furniture unit?

In the “services - maintenance guide” section, select the material that you wish to clean, and follow the steps provided in the guide.


What is the required height for the connections for the wires for the mirrors?

Request a rate from one of our local partners or check the

In the pricelist, the wiring guides are indicated for each range; the diagram on the left is for mirrors, and the diagram on the right is for cabinets.


1/ Where can I find the assembly instructions for the Spice up range on the Internet site?

Check the “products” section, the instructions from each product fact sheet are available for download


Under the “Services - instructions” heading, all of the Sanijura instructions are also available for consultation.

2/ How do I adjust a single wall or double wall drawer?