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the brand .....daring, authentic and pioneering...

We all know it without realising, the Sanijura name is closely linked with what will become the future of one of the essential actors on the modern bathroom market: the “medicine cabinet”. Indeed, in 1960, at the height of the DIM DAM DOM years, it’s a family company from the Jura region located in Champagnole, that specialises in the manufacturing of wooden objects and that wins the invitation to tender launched by the ASPRO laboratories. At the time, it created a name: Sanijura.

The brand then adopted a characteristic that is still part of the sequencing of its genetic code: “pioneer”. Sanijura then develops while daringly promoting all of the newest products that will mark the evolution of lifestyles in the home in France and throughout Europe. For more than a decade, Sanijura will be virtually the only brand to create an offer that meets the new expectations in terms of practicality, ergonomics and comfort.

Results come quickly, in the 1980s Sanijura furniture units are already being manufactured in its industrial complex located on the Champagnole site in the Jura region. While the brand stands out thanks to its strong innovative dynamism, with round shapes, colourful bathrooms, materials and new products all signed Sanijura, it works hard in order to maintain and even enhance the root of its distinctiveness: successfully integrating modernity while enhancing the authenticity of its offer.

Authenticity, quality manufacturing recognised by the NF furniture label and the French Manufacturing label, authenticity of a true relationship built with its clientele for which the brand offers, with all of its products, a 5-year warranty, thereby cementing the lasting relationship of trust and proximity with everyone who chooses a Sanijura furniture unit.

Today, under the guidance of General Manager Lorenz Giannoni a, Sanijura is developing a range of collections that perfectly aligns with contemporary aspirations: “technologically demanding at all times”, of course, but that never overshadows the creativity and sensitivity, and that, on the contrary “adds to the pleasure of designing choices”, with an offer that wants to transform the bathroom into “a special place of softness, cheerfulness and well-being”.