It was in Champagnole at the start of the last century, that the “historical” company was founded by Henri Liégon, a craftsman bushel-maker. With the know-how of qualified manpower, raw materials nearby, this city in the Franche-Comté region on the doorstep of the Haut Jura was ideal. The business prospered and, in 1931, the founder’s son Bernard Liégon took over the reins of the company family; he optimised production and specialised in the manufacturing of wooden objects (notably toys).

Its skills allowed the company to win the invitation to tender launched in 1960 by the ASPRO laboratories, by offering the first concept for a “wooden medicine cabinet”. The company then acquired new industrial machines and created its brand: SANIJURA. Building on the strength of this name, it moved into the bathroom market by proposing a completely innovative concept; the bathroom cabinet with shelving. In 1977, grandson and son Dominique Liégon took over the management of SANIJURA and develops the industrial tool.

In 1994, the company then became a subsidiary of the large American KOHLER group, while in 2003, both SANIJURA and JACOB DELAFON became brands of the new KOHLER France entity.

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